17 Sep 2023
Amy Cozart-Lundin

Why LGBTQ+ Representation in Corporate Leadership and the Workplace Matters: A Seat at the Table

Why LGBTQ+ Representation in Corporate Leadership and the Workplace Matters: A Seat at the Table

I've been working in corporate training and education for over a decade, and I want to use this platform today to delve deeper into a subject that, even in 2023, is critical but often neglected: the representation of LGBTQ+ leaders in the corporate world.

The Ongoing Challenge of the Status Quo

While we've made significant strides in diversity and inclusion, the corporate world still has a long way to go. In many companies, particularly when you glance at leadership, you'll find that LGBTQ+ individuals—encompassing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and others—are underrepresented. Why is this a concern? Read on.

Business Excellence Through Diversity

First and foremost, let's examine this from a business perspective. Research has shown that companies with leadership teams that include diversity in terms of gender identity, sexual orientation, and other factors consistently outperform those that lack such diversity. LGBTQ+ leaders bring a wealth of perspectives that can challenge the status quo, encourage innovation, and inspire creative problem-solving. It's not just about ticking a diversity box. It's about enhancing the quality of decisions and strategy in a way that benefits your bottom line.

Talent Pipeline and LGBTQ Employees

Within the multitude of industries—tech, finance, healthcare, and beyond—there are talented LGBTQ professionals waiting for their opportunity to shine. When your workplace genuinely champions diversity, it attracts a broader range of qualified candidates, including LGBTQ employees, and retains them. In my years of experience as an instructional designer, I've found that employee retention is closely tied to how included and valued employees feel, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Representation Matters for Everyone

This isn't just about representation; it's about visibility and role models as well. Young professionals in the LGBTQ community, whether they identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or queer, benefit enormously from seeing leaders who represent them. This visibility fosters ambition and the belief that opportunities aren't limited due to one's sexual orientation or gender identity. It speaks volumes, offering a morale boost that translates into productivity and engagement.

The Ripple Effect of Inclusivity

LGBTQ+ professionals in leadership roles set a precedent that helps to shift corporate culture toward greater inclusivity. Policies born from a diversified leadership team are naturally more attuned to the needs of a broad spectrum of employees, including those who are trans or non-binary. It becomes a ripple effect; the tone set by leadership trickles down, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels they belong, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Addressing Unconscious Bias in 2023 and Beyond

Let's not forget that we're in 2023, and yet, unconscious bias remains a pervasive issue, affecting not just LGBTQ employees but anyone who differs from the 'norm.' When there's LGBTQ+ representation at the decision-making table—people who understand firsthand the experiences of being queer, trans, or non-binary—it becomes easier to address these biases and challenge them constructively.

The Undeniable Bottom Line

Incorporating LGBTQ+ leaders in corporate governance isn't merely cosmetic—it's an operational necessity. It goes far beyond quotas or superficial diversity measures. Companies are being evaluated on their values as much as their valuation; as such, a diverse leadership that includes individuals of varied sexual orientations and gender identities is a solid business strategy, not just a moral imperative.

So, dear C-suite execs and all corporate stakeholders, the next time you have a leadership position to fill, consider the expansive talent pool that includes LGBTQ+ candidates. Your organization's future prosperity might very well hinge on this inclusive approach.

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